hello, i'm aivy  

I'm a student at the University of Washington studying Interaction Design. My passion for design first began with a passion for stories. I found it fascinating to learn about people's experiences and get glimpses into the lives of other people. Stories for me have always been a way to connect with people, and to gain empathy on new and meaningful perspectives. Later on, I decided I wanted to pursue a career that allowed me to bring to life the stories of these individuals by crafting products that others could also connect and empathize with. 

Along with stories, I strongly value designs that are inclusive and accessible. As a designer, I hope to continue to learn more about these practices in the future, and would love to work with others with similar ideals.  
what i've been up to
May 9th | Illustrated storyboards to help conceptualize a possible iot system that supports individuals living in communal living spaces. 
May 6th | Learned how to crochet.
April 27th | Conducted interviews and artifact analysis to find initial insights for problems areas related to communal living areas. 
March 15th | Researched, designed and prototyped AirSpect: an outdoor air pollution tracker. 
March 2nd | Designed and prototyped a habit tracker app that utilized timers to encourage staying on task. 
Dec 8th | 2021 - Researched the future of eye tracking, especially its implementation within video game interaction.  
Nov 29th | 2021 - Illustrated a storyboard of a food camera that describes the composition of food without the need for internet searching. 
Nov 22nd | 2021 - Designed a set of holiday themed graphics for Curious Cardinals including website illustrations, virtual gift cards, virtual wallpaper patterns, and a gift certificate template. 
Nov 21st | 2021 - Researched and gave a presentation on the future of wireless iPhone charging 
Nov 19th | 2021 - Visited the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit in Seattle  
Nov 12th | 2021 - Designed OneShot, an iPhone application focused on encouraging individuals to explore the world of micro-novels. 
Nov 2nd | 2021 - Programmed and physically built a gaming interface called "Click or Die". 
Oct 30th | 2021 - Taught a workshop on Research Methods for students interested in design 
Oct 26th | 2021 - Read Fox & Rosner's "Bringing Research Accounts Back Into The Field"
Oct 22nd | 2021 - Visited the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture in Seattle 
Oct 19th | 2021 - Read Candy & Dunagan's "Designing an experiential scenario: The People Who Vanished"
Oct 15th | 2021 - Continuation of my work as a consultant for the University of Washington's Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Committee 
Oct 14th | 2021 - Finished watching Squid Game 
Oct 13th | 2021 - Programmed a motion graphic using Processing 
Oct 12th | 2021 - Researched different methods of visual story telling 
Oct 10th | 2021 - Wrapped up design project for the LGBT Community Network 
Oct 8th | 2021 - Research on the design of learning and gamification 
Oct 7th | 2021 - Reverse engineered a toaster 
Oct 5th | 2021 - Started work on designing Studio Tilt's new website 
Oct 4th | 2021 - Started my Product Design Internship with Curious Cardinals 

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